Adalyn Cenlino is the daughter of Alexander Uriel and Caryn

Adalyn Cenlino


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Aug 21


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Adalyn was born into a rich family. Through out her life, she felt empty inside even though she had everything she could ever want. Her father, Alexander Uriel, is a shaman preist. He used her in some of his exorcisums, to help clean her soul. He fortold of her future to her family, her mother thought its cute, but he didn't like it. He tried to stop her from marrying Angelo Celino. But failed. Adalyn was very quiet as a child, but only one boy brought out her chreeful side,Thorne Yates. Adalyn and Thorne spent most of there childhood together.She was always happy around him, she would some time's jump him like a dog. But when she returned from Italy,(her father had bussiauns there) she would talk about this boy and how he talked her, because she talked funny(Cockney). Thorne didn't like that. Thorne would tell her thats she's beautiful and her voice was lovely. Adalyn loved her friend; but she wasn't in love with him, which hurt him dearly. Later on, when Adalyn hit the age of 14, he was almost will to settle down with Thorne., but she remember that kid that almost killed her. So she told her friend off, again so she can go after that kid.


Later on in College, she was one of the many females that can play soccer really well, Her IQ level is at Mastery. Soon she found a friend that she can get along with, Dahlia. Adalyn also had very strong motherly love toward Lona. When school board anouced that there school will be close; Adalyn quick grab her stuff and all of her friends stuff and went to the nearest college.

After that, Adalyn ran into that boy one last time. Later on they started dating.


She has 3 kids with Angelo Celino.

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