Father is a quite man. He uses a dragon named Dragon. Father is a tall man is about 6'2 feet and weighs about 160. He has no intrest in any of his kids. He cares more about mother and wish's her body to say young and beautiful for ever.

Father goes out of the castle and looks for a serten cavern that holds a very rare type of seaweed.Father takes this seaweed and feeds it to his wife to make her body stay young and beautiful forever.

In his younger days, Father tamed dragons on land, Sea and air. He was nicknamed "The Dragon Tamer". He owns more then one dragon.

The Sea Dragon names are:Drake(Dragon), Duke, Whitey,Blubell.

The Land Dragons are:Tif, Rocky, Jan, Susan

The sky or air dragon are: Dave, Chuck and Hligher.

Father is every agressive and had hates Aldred and wish he burns in the deepist parts of hell forever and ever.

Father passed away at the age of 200.

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