Harley is the 3rd of 4 children born to Vivianna Farrow(nee) Farrow and Horatio Farrow. She is Harvey's twin sister although they do not have a good relationship due to events that happened in college.She is half Italian and half Austrailian, I/4 of which is black. She is married to Leon Cirino and has 3 Children by him, Hayden, Taylor, and Tylee. She is the sin of Lust and the virtue Diligence.

4016183 orig

Harley in one of her mafia outfits


Harley is a very attractive woman with very long blue hair and an aqua band across her nose and light brown eyes. occasinally she is drwan w/ blond highlights on the ends of her bangs. She almost alsways is wearing clother that empasizes her overly large bust and has a tendancy to only wear training shorts bandages and an open shirt when she is relaxing at home. she has a perfect hourglass figure but dont let her curves fool you she's got a whole lotta muscle under all those curves. She's a trained boxer and she trains vigourously everyday w/ her husband who is a kick-boxer. Harley's style of fashion is more low key than her fellow mafia members. She could blend in with a normal crowd and doesnt like to dress up for mafia business. she prefers t-shirts and jeans over high end fashionable dresses and suits.

  • Hieght: 5'5", making her the tallest female in the sin mafia

[stolen from oda lol] Harley's represented by the color blue


Harley was born as a 1 out of a set of twins in Sicily, Italy to Vivianna and Horatio Farrow in mid December. She was the 3rd of 4 children to be born to Vivianna and Horatio. Harley clung to her twin Harvey all the way until college when he decided that he no longer wanted to be apart of a set and wanted to be his own person.

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