&nbsp Kio is the son of Mother and Father



Kio is a young mixed boy with a light tan skin. He has an older brother named Tsuba. He is the next in line to lead the family kindom. He was born on April 18 and has a cute charm. He never liked violence and will never a prove of it. He always going on an adventure with is brother Tsuba. Kio has a tattoo of Levianthan on his left arm. Kio's favorite things to do are: relax, play games like: hide n seek, tag, marko polo, Doctor, House, and a bunch of tea parties (in secert of course). Kio and his Father(Father) never wher close until he met Aldred. Kio met Aldred on the shore when Kio was looking for some SeaShells. Kio is 6 when he first met Aldred.

Later on, Kio because the leader of a Under sea Kingdom military.


The story it self is a bit weird.

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