"Mother loves anyone that can get Mothers love from me"-Mother


Mother is Siren. She is a the only black siren in her family. she was adopted by the King and Queen of the Under sea world. Mother has an older brother named Levianthan.She has a problem with speaking and always prefers herself in the third person.She has no clue that there is a world above the sea. She met Father my a mistake. Father fell for her because of her lovely skin color. But the King of the sea did not like or trust Father, so he put a curse on mother but father stopped most of it. Mothers face looks like a serial killer, but her body is still young and beautiful.She has 2 kids: Tsuba and Kio. She sometimes misspronounce there names on purpose. She calls Tsuba: Tuna, Tuba, or Tuba Tuna and she calls Kio:Kiko, Kimmiko,Kira. Mother is a bit of a moran when it comes to the surface world. She can understand why the people have these things called "tampons". she is has more power over father then she thinks. Mother has a harp that is made up of her rib cage and hair. the harp is the key to all of the Under sea power. if someone where to take it and us it for evil...the Under Sea world will be doomed for life!

Mother is not that bright and always mess up things. She likes to listen in on things and she loves it when her son is "makeing the sex". She thinks its cute when here child are out and about on the Surface world.She really couldn't care if her children where in danger because she cant do anything to help them. Sometimes she forgets that she has powers.

Mother loves to drink tea. She taught Kio how to make Tea and have Tea parties.She also buys Kio's his little shota boy cloths because she really wants a little girl(she thinks Kio is a girl).Kio sometimes has to remind Mother that he is a boy before they go out shopping together.

Mother really wants a Little girl, so Kio is her little baby girl.

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