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Patches is a Pokemon with not a lot to her. She trys her best to get through life as best as she can.

Personilty Edit

She has a "meh" additued about her, she could careless about anything and every thing.



Saby is her roommate/pet. He and Patch's are very close, when she is upset he is there to make it worse/better. 


Her and Gengar are friend. He has more common sense then her, and he always corrects her. He is laid back and it pisses Patch's off on how laid back he is. He always 1-ups her with his cocky attitude.


Very good friends. Patchs like her gothic-like nature. She always talks to her, and gets good advice from her.


Patchs lover. She met Hoopa while out and about and they spent alot of time toghter.

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