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First page of comic

Pokewrong! One of my first comic that ran for a long time.


It was Orinaly about a young Lickitung going on my advenures with his friends, but later on, it tured into something else. It so became a story about a Mob family and other stuff.I first came up with this in 2002.



Character Sin


Enrico "Papa" Basilio Pride
Angelo Celino Greed
Harley Rae Farrow-Cirino Lust
Emilio Baldassore Gluttony
Sergio Basilio Wrath
Natalia Camillo Envy
Leon "Lee" Cirino Sloth
Adriano Celino Corruption[original]
Shane Corruption[replacment]



Character Virtue Summary
Lona Basilio Humility
Adalyn Celino Charity
Matsurika "Jazmin" Takagi Chastity
Dahlia Baldassore Temperance
Page Basilio Patience
Zack Richardson Kindess
Harley Rae Farrow-Cirino Diligence
Sunni Justice

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