Tsuba is the son of Mother and Father


Tsuba is a Captin of the Under Sea world cruieses. He has a Younger brother how is the Prince of the Under sea world his name is Kio.Tsuba is kinda a ladys man. Tsuba is a combat fight and always watch's over Kio. He thinks Kio is a pest and a bother to his fights. Sometimes he sends kio on land ot get some SeaShell for battles(Tsuba lies to him so he can go somewhere else)Tsuba love's to fight.

Tsuba hates his brother but can never tell him that because he knows that Kio really wants to my Tsuba proud of him no matter what happens to him.Tsuba and Kio are close...but have different views on things.

Tsuba was born on Decmber 1, Mother calls him " the winter child". Tsuba is very well respect in the Under sea Kingdom.Every always a dresses him as "Captin". He loves to take people to the surface and he loves the smile of children.

Tsuba trys to teach Kio how to fight but Kio keeps turning him down because he wants to learn on his own.Tsuba is an A rank sea fighter and a S class swordsmen.

Tsuba hates Aldred with a burning passion

Tsuba is happliy inlove with Sura.

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